We applaud those who have the courage to speak up! And the managers who have the ability to listen.

Professional help with Mannaz

Whistleblower Partners in strong collaboration with consultancy and training firm Mannaz.

A system cannot stand alone. No matter how effective and good it is. At Whistleblower Partners, we recognise the importance of implementing more than just our system. The system itself is only a guarantee that, as a company, you comply with the law and focus on creating a safe and accessible channel for those with something to say – but more is needed.

You also need a high level of trust and sense of security in your company culture, so that employees feel they can voice their concerns and feedback. So that no employee will necessarily need to use Whistleblower Partners, because it is safe to lead upwards and make observations.

More about Mannaz

With Mannaz, you are in safe and competent hands. Mannaz is a consulting and training company with deep roots and a global reach. Mannaz solves both large strategic and complex transformation tasks, and designs smaller development and change processes. Mannaz can also deliver anything from keynotes, courses or entire academy setups. And they’re happy to have a coffee and a chat, if you’re unsure about how to work on culture in your company. In addition to offices in Copenhagen, London, Malmö and Aarhus, Mannaz has over 300 associated partners worldwide. With that kind of global reach, Mannaz can support the world’s largest companies.

Learning since 1975

Mannaz was founded as DIEU in 1975 with a specific focus on leadership development for engineers. In the mid-1980s, Mannaz developed into one of Denmark’s largest providers of competence development in the fields of management development, project management and personal development – a position that Mannaz still holds. Mannaz is still owned by IDA.

Prevention is the best tool

It may seem illogical to say that we hope no one will find it necessary to use our whistleblower tool. But we really mean it. A whistleblower scheme is a fire alarm that the employee can press in an emergency, but the best thing is to avoid fires. However, this requires sufficient trust. Trust and openness to different points of view do not always come naturally, and it can be difficult to assess from the management floor whether everyone feels comfortable enough to raise observations, concerns and criticisms. Many companies therefore work hard to shape a culture that promotes safety and inclusiveness – where everyone dares and are able to speak up. And where they are heard when they do.

Towards a safe culture

For many years, Mannaz, a renowned consultancy and training company, has helped organisations of all sizes and in all sectors to create organisational cultures of trust and security as the foundation for top performance. At Mannaz, we have extensive experience and strong skills in organisational culture and communication, which our clients can access for free as part of our unique Speak Up & Listen universe. Here, you will find not only legal documents and proposals for employee communication, but also advice and tips for rolling out the scheme and inspiration for implementing a strong Speak Up & Listen culture in your organisation

Furthermore, several times a year we hold joint webinars with Mannaz, where we offer high-level professional content to inspire our clients to continue working on developing a strong, safe and inclusive culture.

Read more about Mannaz here: https://www.mannaz.com/da/konsulentydelser/diversitet-og-inklusion/

Do you need a whistleblower scheme?

Do you have questions about how the system works? Or would you like a non-binding chat about how you can implement Whistleblower Partners in your company? We are ready to answer any questions you may have, and to discuss your options and needs without any obligation on your part. Contact us via the form here, send us an e-mail or call us. 
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