Once the whistleblower has spoken – what next?
Fraud React can help

Once the whistleblower has spoken – what next?
Fraud React can help

We can advise you and handle whistleblower reports from employees. Your employees are entitled to 100% discretion and reassurance that reports are treated with the utmost seriousness. Therefore, we recommend that you use an external advisor as the recipient of reports. And in this, we are experts.

Many companies are now faced with implementing a whistleblower scheme. This is not just a piece of software that you subscribe to, but something that affects the culture of the company and needs to be integrated into the company.

Not a lot of people focus on what happens after the system is implemented and a whistleblower report is received. Who does what, when and in relation to whom?

Legally, there is nothing wrong with the HR manager or someone else at management level receiving reports from a whistleblower, but it is not expedient.

If employees are to feel safe using the scheme, it is not good enough for reports to be received by someone within the organisation, who may be directly or indirectly involved in the case.

It is therefore our clear recommendation that the system is set up so that reports are received by an independent body.

We have specialist staff who are experts in handling whistleblower reports. We can make an immediate legal assessment, deciding who is the most appropriate person to ask to bring the case forward (e.g. the Chairman of the Board)

Help is at hand

We are able to offer a solution where we are always ready to advise your company. We have lawyers, accountants, communications advisors and police investigators who can help you. First, we investigate the case and create an overview of what the next steps should be, and to what extent authorities should be involved. Furthermore, we are happy to assist on a consultancy basis in any “clean-up” that is required.

We are experts

We have advised in cases where whistleblowers submitted reports since 2016. Often, these have been cases involving staff at managerial level.

We have experience in handling whistleblower cases. 

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