Whistleblower Act creates more work for accountants and attorneys

Soon, all private and municipal companies and organisations with more than 50 employees will be required to have a whistleblower scheme in place. By 17 December this year, a large number of employers will have an internal whistleblowing scheme in place that ensures that employees can report violations or criticism without fear of reprisals. The new legislation will provide employees with greater security in the form of greater anonymity and proper handling of reports. At the same time, the whistleblower schemes help companies protect their reputation and values, and provide concrete measures for whether both the company and employees comply with legislation and internal guidelines.

NEW! Karnov Group is launching the whistleblower solution Karnov Whistleblower on 1 September.

The new product, launched in partnership with WhistleSoft, is a solution for both companies and their advisors. It is one thing to have a system in place, and another entirely to ensure the right set-up for handling incoming cases correctly and anonymously. Therefore, many turn to their regular advisors for advice and guidance. Karnov Whistleblower focuses on the collaboration that is important for both the company and the advisor. The solution provides the advisor with a system in which all clients’ cases are handled confidentially and securely. Furthermore, Karnov Whistleblower is a cloud solution and easy for the company to implement and manage. From Karnov’s side, the desire is to support advisors in the best possible way. Therefore, the new whistleblower product will be made available free of charge for the rest of the year for implementation by lawyers and accountants – who can thus have optimal advisory services ready for when the law enters into force.

Karnov’s CEO, Niels Munk Hansen, is pleased to be able to bring the product to the broader market:

We have been delivering high-quality solutions at Karnov for over 150 years. Security and anonymity are the alpha and omega for us in a collaboration like this, where we put our name on a product. Karnov Whistleblower is thoroughly tested and fully complies with both legislation and our own strict quality requirements. Karnov Whistleblower is a collaboration between the company WhistleSoft and Karnov Group. WhistleSoft developed the solution which, after a test period at Karnov, is now being introduced to – initially – lawyers and accountants and auditors. “Our subcontractor WhistleSoft has managed to create a solution that can stand up to the high standards set by both ourselves and our customers. At the same time, it is a solution that is easy to implement. The solution is ideal for small and mid-sized enterprises that want a safe, efficient and clear solution,” said Niels Munk Hansen.

CEO Jakob Dedenroth Bernhoft of WhistleSoft says:

“We are incredibly proud that Karnov Group has entered into this collaboration with us. In itself, this is a seal of approval for our product, and we look forward to helping Karnov’s customers get off to a good start with the solution. For us, it is important that advisors see the benefits that Karnov Whistleblower offers them, because we have been focusing on strengthening the collaboration between a company and an advisor that a whistleblower scheme requires.”

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