What do you do with a whistleblower's message?

Let us monitor and screen messages

It’s always best to let someone outside of the company receive and screen messages.

It doesn’t make sense for cases that may involve management to be investigated by management.

Monitoring and screening


An employee who has valuable knowledge



Sent anonymously and encrypted

Screening Service

Monitors, screens and makes recommendations for handling the case

We advise how the company should handle the case

Let us handle whistleblowing cases​​

Avoid worrying about complicated rules, time-consuming training for employees and establishing special administrative frameworks with unnecessary use of internal resources.

With the right team. ​

The report from the whistleblower will be received by professional, trained staff with special competencies in the area concerned.​


Ensuring integrity and trust​​

The reports will be treated with integrity, confidentiality and full independence with no conflicts of interest.

We will advise about the next step​

We will offer advice on the way forward. Perhaps the police or lawyers should be involved. In other cases, accountants, crisis experts or investigators might be best placed to help. We can help you put together a suitable team.


Communicate anonymously with the whistleblower

It is often a good idea to contact the whistleblower anonymously. Our solution has a function where you can communicate with the whistleblower without their identity being revealed.

We are the experts

Since 2016, we have advised in cases where whistleblowers have submitted reports. These have often been cases involving staff at managerial level. We therefore have substantial experience in handling whistleblower cases.

We offer a 24/7 solution

where we monitor your whistleblower scheme ​and screen the alerts that whistleblowers send


1. Reports are received from the whistleblower system


Fact finding

2. What is the case about?

Fact finding

Legal overview

3. Immediate legal issues ​

Legal overview


4. A report is drafted with a preliminary review of the case alongside recommendations about the next steps


Can one independently investigate oneself?

Our answer is No! You need an independent examination conducted by experts

A report from a whistleblower may concern a member of management. Does it make sense if the report ends up with the management team? Legally there is nothing wrong with the HR manager or someone else at management level receiving reports from a whistleblower, but it is not really appropriate.

What if the report is about financial crime or sexual harassment? Does the company have the right competencies to handle such cases?

We can advise the company and handle whisteblower reports. The whistleblower is entitled to 100% discretion and must be confident that their reports are taken seriously.

If employees are to feel safe using the scheme, it is not appropriate for reports to be received by someone within the organisation who may be directly or indirectly involved in the case.

We have specialist staff who are experts in handling whistleblower reports. We perform an immediate legal assessment, decide the most appropriate person to proceed with the case (e.g. the chairperson of the board) and we put together the right team.

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