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Two pharmaceutical employees in discussion, symbolizing the whistleblowers who exposed GSK's wrongdoing.
Case Study

High-profile whistleblowing case

GlaxoSmithKline  Case Study: Unveiling GSK’s Wrongdoings Costing the Company a $3 Billion Settlement  GlaxoSmithKline, a major pharmaceutical player, had been under investigation for unlawful practices.

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Whistleblower News

Unveiling the Power of Whistleblowers 

In today’s complex world, the importance of whistleblowers cannot be overstated. These courageous individuals play a vital role in exposing wrongdoing and holding influential organizations

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Company Updates

Dive into our culture 

At Whistleblower Partners, we firmly believe that a strong and vibrant company culture is the very heartbeat of our success. In this blog post, we

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Compliance in the digital age

In today’s interconnected world, data flows freely across borders and through various digital channels. With this abundance of data comes increased vulnerability, making it essential

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