User-friendly and anonymous
whistleblower system

This is how it works

Whistleblower message

An employee who has valuable knowledge sends an anonymous and encrypted message

Message screening 

Our screeners monitor and respond to the messages received through our system and guide the whistleblower through the process

Case handling 

Based on what is reported, we forward the incident to our experts who make recommendations for handling the case

Security and Anonymity

We provide you with a secure and anonymous solution that will protect your business from wrongdoing. As a supplier of your whistleblower system, we have a strong focus on IT security and GDPR compliance.
ISO 27001 certification

Our ISO 27001 certification ensures information security management and compliance with the highest security standards


The ISAE 3000 GDPR is the international standard for assuring non-financial information under European GDPR

Security authentication 2FA

Our two-factor authentication (2FA) requires a password and a text code sent to your smartphone for dual identification


For enhanced security, we separate encryption keys and encrypted data across different servers and hosters

Code scanners

We utilize code scanners to detect security bugs in our source code and alert developers of any errors found

Cyber attack

We use the simulated cyber-attacks against our whistleblower system to proactively check for any exploitable vulnerabilities

Our system features

A pure cloud solution

The system requires no installation, so you can get started quickly and easily

Easy to use

It just requires a browser, a username and a password

Fully scalable

Can be used in all companies and organizations, regardless of their size


All data is encrypted, making the system completely secure, private and safe to use


The whistleblower remains completely anonymous and can safely use the system

Always available

Access the system anywhere and anytime, ensuring flexibility across any type of device

How Whistleblower Partners System looks like


The admin in our system creates logins for the case officer and for the employees in the company.


If you have something to report, it is done through a common login for the whole company, after which you get your own case number for subsequent follow-up.

Case manager

The selected case officer in the company uses country specific phone number to login and is able to see whistles from whistleblowers and make reports for the client.