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A wide range of resources

Once you buy our solution, you will directly get access to a range of key documents and knowledge in our Speak Up Universe, where our experts partners will guide you to implementing the whistleblower solution as successfully as possible. This includes all the required legal documents, communication to employees and extensive help with creating an employee manual and advice. With our expert partners guiding you every step of the way, you can rest assured that your organization will be fully equipped to handle whistleblower reports with confidence.

What is included

Required legal documents

You get access to templates and paradigms for whistleblower policy and all the material you need to prepare in connection with the implementation of your whistleblower scheme.

HR advice

Discover how our HR partner collaborates with companies to create a healthy and positive corporate culture, helping them prevent incidents from arising.

Crisis Management‚Äč

What do you do when the whistleblower has spoken? Not many people talk about that. We help deal with reports and advise on what you should do.

Useful guides

Here you will find detailed instructions for users of the whistleblower system, administrators, case handlers and whistleblowers as well as screenshots from within the system.